Friday, 31 October 2008


Silchar: 31 October: Barak Human Rights Protection Committee (BHRPC), a human rights organization working in Assam, categorically condemns the horrendous massacre caused by serial blasts in Assam on 30 October, which took lives of about 80 people, injured nearly 400 and burnt to ashes hundreds of shops, cars and other properties. Mr. Manindra Shankar Gupta, the chairperson of BHRPC, offered condolences to the family members of the deceased and wishes speedy recovery of the injured. Speaking in a meeting convened by the organization here today Mr. Gupta termed this act as a blow to the humanity and a challenge to the Indian state to uphold and adhere to the tenets of democracy and human rights. Such acts of terror are committed with intent to establish anarchy by terrorizing the whole society and defeating the rule of law, he adds.

Mr. Gupta also said that in countering terrorism the state often succumbs to the design of the terrorists by failing to respect the human rights of the people including the accused. When this happens the terrorism triumphs because the state itself does the act of terror. More over, failure to respect human rights creates breeding ground of terrorism.

He said that BHRPC has been observing with apprehension that a trend of communalizing the counter-terror effort has developed of late which is ominous for the country. Stereotyping a particular community will divide the people of the country which is exactly what the terrorists want. “BHRPC urges the State and Union Governments”, he adds, “to conduct a prompt, impartial and objective investigation into the blasts, pay ex-gratia of rupees five lakh to the next of kin of the deceased, one lakh to the injured and adequate compensation for the destroyed property immediately.” He also said that the state should ensure at all costs the right to security of life and property of the people. People don’t need a government which can not provide security to its citizens.
Mr. Gupta also urges the people to maintain peace and calm and to be active in fighting this menace of terrorism, because terrorism can not be defeated by the government alone.