Monday, 4 June 2012

Overview of human rights in India in 2012

This brief report on human rights in India titled Human Rights in India: Status Report 2012 gives a general overview of the most critical human rights issues in India today. It has been drafted by the Working Group on Human Rights in India and the UN (WGHR), a platform of some of Inida’s important human rights groups, as a background document to assist in the preparation of India’s second Universal Periodic Review (UPR) that took place in Geneva on 24 May, 2012. 

It is amply evident from the report that much remains to be done to improve the human rights situation in India. The scope of the UPR is enormous as it covers all recognised international human rights. If we take almost any of these human rights, the situation inIndiaremains challenging; yet the scope for improvement is immense. If the required positive changes are to take place, however, a radical change in national and regional actions by governments at all levels is necessary. The report highlights some of these required changes. (Read more or downloaded from here)

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