Sunday, 15 April 2007

Groping in Darkness of Womb for Lights

I don't take anything, any idea, any ism, any concept, any phenomenon for granted. I try to examine them in my own way with my little and limited ability to do so and I try to frame my own ideas and concepts about everything which happens come before me anytime.

In this way I have framed my own ideas of the universe, world, life, drive of life; human relations: society, family, marriage, love; human activities: politics, economics, war, crimes; human needs: food, shelter, clothes, sex; human ideas such as civilization, religion, state, system of government, rule of law, human rights, democracy, secularism, communism, fascism, nationalism and some other such well known isms; historical phenomena such as imperialism, terrorism, secessionism and contemporary phenomena such as globalization, neo-liberalism and neo-imperialism and such many other matters.

In framing my own ideas or concepts I may get help, rather I certainly need help from those who thought about the concerned matters and framed their ideas and concepts about them. I think, reading and attending lectures help get other's thinking, views and ideas. So I try to read as much as I can but unfortunately I cannot attend as many lectures.

Am I a skeptic? If you think so then I am. But I don't think myself as great as a skeptic. It is only what I understand by the term "Freedom of Thought".

But still I have doubts that I am fully free in my thinking. As I myself am a product of my time and place so my thoughts are influenced by them. Perhaps this is inevitable and desirable also. So leaving it aside there comes the main pertinent question as to how far I am able to overcome other undesirable and avoidable influences. Answer is not known.

I don't claim full understanding of the things referred to above. I only try to frame original understanding and ideas about them as everybody does. My understanding or ideas or rather views about them may not be sound always. To say the truth, I am still confused greatly about many issues relating these matters. I am still in darkness groping for lights as if in mother's womb.

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