Friday, 28 December 2007



In a meeting in his election campaign Gujarat Chief Minister Naredra Modi, after about fifteen minutes of Lalooeasque demagoguery began to command the crowd like a master puppeteer. The crowd in front of him was injected with a cocktail made of chauvinistic sense of Gujarati pride, urban selfishness and fascist reprehension towards “other communities”. The master puppeteer commanded the drunken puppets:

“They are calling me a murderer, tell me am I a murderer?” The earth and sky resonated with the mad cry of “NO!!”

“You elected me last time, tell me did you elect a murderer?” “NO!!”

Yes, Modi is a murderer. Gujarat elected a murderer. I dare say it. Because I don’t belong to the minority of Gujarat. And because I am not drunk with the cocktail too.

Leave aside the pre-planned and cold blooded genocide of the minorities of Gujarat in 2002 where Modi’s role as an instigator, conspirator, abettor and organizer was never hidden. You should not listen to me by birth and name I also appear to be a muslim. Don’t even listen to the liberals and secularists. Just listen to his own friends-in-arms and their families.

When the pota court pronounced its judgement in the Haren Pandya murder case, it had his father, Vitthalbhai Pandya, and widow Jagrutiben, crying foul and seeking re-trial. Both have long believed that Haren Pandya — a former Gujarat minister of state for home who was gunned down in central Ahmedabad in March 2003 — was the victim of a political murder. Vitthalbhai stated categorically in record that he believed it was Modi who was behind the killing of his son.

Now listen to Mdi himself and his crowd. He asked the crowd, “What to do with Sohrabuddin?” to which they answered “KILL!! KILL!!!” to which Modi responded “THEEK HAI”.

Sohrabuddin had been, in fact, killed in a fake encounter by Modi’s police. The accused have been arrested and the Supreme Court of India is monitoring the case. Mo was seeking endorsement from the public of an extra-legal killing, which matter was pending in the highest court of law of the land. So the Supreme Court issued a notice of contempt of court to Modi for interference in the delivery of justice. KTS Tulsi, the lawyer defending the Gujarat government quit his brief stating “If “KILL! KILL!!” is the law the chief minister of a state is propagating, then there is no need for the judiciary in this country.”

Democracy does not mean the rule of majority. Not, for that matter, a murderous mob. Can a democracy elect unanimously to eliminate another nation? Can a democracy decide to start men-eating? Can a democracy decide with absolute majority of 99% to eliminate the rest of 1%? These are not democracies. Without law, human rights and judiciary a democracy is nothing but a demon-crazy. Even sovereignty of nations has been curtailed to a great extent for humanitarian laws. There is the doctrine of humanitarian intervention which talks of military intervention by other nations if a country is found in a gross breach of International Human Rights Laws and treaties. The rule of law is the soul of democracy.

Modi killed this rule of law in his state. He killed human rights and justice. He assaults on Indian Civilization and on the core of our culture. He is armed with a Mdi-fied Gujarat and out to kill our constitution, our law, our culture, our civilization and our very humanity.

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