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Threat to Repeat 9/11 in Guwahati: Politics of Terror

Threat to Repeat 9/11 in Guwahati: Politics of Terror

The president of Assam State unit of Bharatiya Janata Party Mr. Romen Deka revealed a horrifying news in a press meet at Jorhat, Assam on 20 December, 2007. He told media persons that International Terrorist Outfit Al Qaeda threatened to kill him and destroy the state headquarter of BJP in Guwahati like the twin towers of World Trade Centre in America. According to him, the threat was conveyed through a letter received in the State headquarter. The authors of the letter, as stated by Deka, also threatened to kill Mr.Somujjal Kumar Bhattacharya, the adviser of All Assam Students Union. Deka added that they got this threat due to the strong stand taken by their party against doubtful Bangladeshi citizen residing here. Even the writers of the letter did not feel it necessary to hide their identity. The letter was signed by Baharul Islam of Borni, Hajo; Kurban Ali, Irshadur Rahaman, Muhib Ali of Mohtoli, Kalatoti; Khalilur Rahman and Kachnur Ali of Shoniadi, Bihodia; Mirajul Hoque of Mandia, Barbata; and Tafazul Alom of Dhubri. All of the 8 signatories claimed that they are active associate workers of ISI and Al-Qaeda, as stated by Deka.

Recently a video lecture, allegedly of Osama bin Laden himself was aired by television channels where Laden declared his intention to establish an Islamic State in North East India. In view of this video, it seems to me, at the first sight, it is very intriguing that security agencies of the government have not taken the threat seriously and consequently, there is no alert or hype in security arrangements, at which Deka expressed his displeasure and rightly so.

Every human being, by the very virtue of his being a member of human family, is entitled to pursue his political aspiration lawfully and under the framework of democracy irrespective of his ideology, other affiliations and identity. No persons or group of persons are permitted to make any type of unlawful obstruction or threat of it, to his persuasion, leave alone the question of threat do destroy the headquarter of a popular political party and to kill its president. They must be dealt with stringently under the law of the land. The deadly silence of the government over such a serious matter is condemnable in the strongest words.

Al-Qaeda must not be viewed indifferently and taken lightly. It is the most dreaded terrorist organisation in the world today. Its god-father Osama Bin Laden had beaten badly a supper power of the stature of erstwhile United Socialist Soviet Republic, albeit with the back of United States of America in Afghanistan. The fact that he is a creation of the other super power of the cold War-I period which emerged as the victor makes Laden more deadly. He was created and used by America as a lethal weapon which can be used both ways. America used him horizontally against the USSR. America succeeded in two great battles of its war for global spectrum in Afghanistan and Iraq by destroying and occupying both of the countries by using the Laden trump card vertically. He is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of the present day emperor.

That is why his image is larger than life. He lives a metaphysical existence. He has attained a mythical dimension. At least it has now got proven that the story of his involvement in 9/11 is a mythical one. After seven years of 9/11 the American investigative agency FBI could not find hard evidence to connect Bin Laden to 9/11. The web page of FBI titled “Most Wanted Terrorists” does not state that “Bin Laden is wanted for September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon”. The page rather states, “Usama Bin Laden is wanted in connection with the August 7th, 1998 bombing of United States Embassies in Dar-es Salam, Tanznia, and Nairobi, Kenia”. In an article published in the Milli Gazette Enver Masud writes, “When asked why there is not mention of 9/11 on the FBI’s webpage, Rox Tomb, the FBI’s Chief of Investigative Publicity, is reported to have said, “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”.

The story of Laden’s connection in 9/11 was manufactured and circulated to use it just as pretexts to invade and destroy Afghanistan as the story of weapons of mass destruction was used to carry out massive destruction of human masses in Iraq. At the time of invasion of Iraq Bush also harped for a while on the possibility of a connection between Saddam and Laden. Like Laden Saddam was also a long time friend in need of U.S.A. Saddam’s tyranny was supported logistically, diplomatically and morally by the States for a long time, especially in his war against Iran. The course did not run smoothly for ever due mainly to the fact that Saddam was established in helm of real power of a state unlike Laden whose very existence is not always tangible. Power is such a powerful phenomenon that in this case it created a deep rift between Bush and Saddam that drove the latter to gallows.

But Laden has kept serving his master in the White House without intervals. Robert Parry reported on July 4th, 2006, that CIA believed that “Osama helped Bush in ‘04 election.” Everybody knows that in 2004 presidential election in the US as per exit poll survey after the first phase Bush seemed to be getting out and exactly in this point of severe need Laden came to his rescue. A tape was aired containing a fiery speech, allegedly of Laden, threatening to repeat 9/11 in America. The politics of terror worked and Bush emerged with flying colours, albeit a little pale.

Such videos and images keep coming and fooling us. Some researchers take interests in analyzing them. Kim Zetter informed us on August, 2nd 2007 in regarding a video of Ayman Al Zawahiri, the person known as the right hand of Laden. Zetter writes, “Krawetz took an image from a 2006 Al Qaeda video of Ayman Al Zawahiri, a senior member of the terrorist organization. The image shows Al Zawahiri sitting in front of a desk and banner with writing on it. But after conducting his error analysis Krawetz was able to determine that Al Zawahiri’s image was superimposed in front of the background”. The latest Bin Laden video in which he threatened to transform North East India into an Islamic State was a forgery. The details of how it was made can be found in a post titled “Latest Bin Laden Video is a Forgery: All References to Current Events Are Made During Video Freeze. In

I am not sure whether the letter received and shown by BJP threatening to kill Romen Deka, Dr. Somujjal Kumer Bhattacharya and to destroy the BJP headquarter was a forgery or not. But there is strong possibility of its being a forged letter. The truth about it can be ascertained by expert examination of the letter and severe interrogation of the persons who signed the letter. The detractors always talk of BJP as a fundamentalist and fascist party. And Al Qaeda is known also as a fundamentalist, fascist and terrorist organization. It is highly likely that the latter may come to rescue the former in the next Panchayat election which is hung like the sword of Damocles. With the help of the letter BJP can create an environment of terror and polarize the voters.

The matter is serious. People should create pressure on the government to unearth the truth behind the letter; otherwise the politics of terror wall create havoc in communal harmony, secularism and peace.

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